Trending tips to enhance your cyber-security

If you are surfing the web without using caution, you may actually land in a web in its true sense. These days, cyber crooks lurk around every corner and device different methods to steal our information. In order to stay protected from becoming the victim of these ever-rising threats, you must follow the guidelines given in this article.

Cyber-security basics to protect your computer network from viruses and cyber-attacks

Update your device with latest anti-virus software- Many antivirus brands are striving hard to make the Internet a safer place for you. Having the latest security program available at Norton setup page can protect you from varying degrees of cyber-crimes. If your product has been purchased three years ago, it won’t be able to fight against the latest threats. For fighting against the latest threats, it is essential to have the latest security software.

You are liable for your own security- Having the top-notch Internet security software downloaded via can mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks only if the user doesn’t ignore the warnings he receives from the protection software.

Update the Internet browser and Operating System of your device- As the new Operating Systems and web browsers are having the latest cybersecurity features; one must ensure that he has the latest version of these. It will help in minimizing the risk involved when you unknowingly visit a malicious website.

Practice caution while going through an email– Cybercrooks create malicious links and somehow insert them in emails. These emails are created in such a manner that a user feels curious to open it. This email may include a Political message or religious subject etc. carrying malware with them.

Look before you leap– Phishing Web pages and unsolicited mail e-mails can fool even a professional computer user into giving their personal information. One should note that any reputable company will never ask for a password or a Social Security number directly or indirectly.

Use a strong and unique password- Create a unique password for every account. The password that you make should include alphanumeric digits that cannot be guessed by anybody.

Keep your information private on social media accounts– Even if a cyber-criminal is not in your friend list, he has a way of seeing what you’ve posted on social networking sites. One should never say anything on a social media that he could never say out loud in public.

To conclude-

It is also essential to teach children about the risks involved in this Internet of Things (IoT) world. If something seems fishy, it probably will lead you to something dangerous. Never share your personal information using public networks such as free Wi-Fi network connections available in the coffee shops. Stay safe, stay secure.

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