– Easy Steps to Download, Install Norton 360

Using the internet is fun, going through our friend’s recent Canada trip or just refreshing the memory by going through your last year’s Christmas album. It is also amazing how you can choose your favorite topping on the Pizza that you want to order tonight. So, what do you think can go wrong in it? We may land upon fake websites and enter our secret information into those similar looking websites.

Norton setup which can be downloaded from and installed on your computer or smartphone is much more than just antivirus software. It protects a user from viruses, malware, cyber attackers and also warns its users if a fake website is detected.

Let us learn about some salient features of Norton antivirus –

  • Norton defends against spyware, malware, ransomware, viruses and online threats
  • Special security helps to protect your data and banking information
  • It uses the largest global civilian intelligence networks to spot threats faster
  • The antivirus also protects your home network with a “smart firewall”
  • 24×7 customer care by Norton experts to resolve your query
  • A Norton expert will always help you keep your device(s) virus-free

How could one not admire this feature-rich antivirus program? So further, we’ll learn how to install Norton on your new computer.

6 Steps to Downloading Norton Antivirus

You just need to follow the steps to download Norton antivirus on your new computer.

  1. Open a new web browser window and then type in the address bar
  2. Now, click “Log in” (if you have an account) or click on the “Sign up” button to create a new Norton account
  3. For the ones who have clicked on “Sign up” should enter details that are asked so that a Norton account can be created
  4. Now, click on “Buy now” and fill in payment details
  5. The next step will be to click on “Get started” and sign in to the Norton account and enter the activation code.
    • Activation code will be sent to a user’s registered email ID, which was used to create the Norton account
    • If purchased from a retail shop, the activation code will be printed on the card that has been received with the box
  6. After entering the product key, the website will download make you download Norton antivirus

After downloading; it is time to install on your new computer

5 Steps to Install Norton antivirus on your computer

  1. After you have entered the activation code, a file will download automatically from Norton download exe.
  2. Double-click the file and choose “Run” to execute the downloaded file.
  3. The installation process will begin, just click “Next”
  4. You will now see “End User License Agreement” just click on “Agree and Install”
  5. The last step, just follow the on-screen instructions so that you can complete the installation

You have now successfully installed Norton Antivirus.

5 Steps to Activating Norton antivirus on your PC

It’s easy to activate Norton on a laptop or a computer. Follow the below steps and make sure you have a working internet connection

  1. Double click the Norton Setup shortcut created on your desktop
  2. Just click on the “Activate” button
  3. The antivirus asks to sign in to Norton account
  4. Now, click on the “Next” button
  5. In the final step, click on “Activate Now!

The above mentioned step-by-step guide you must have understood as to how to activate Norton antivirus. By doing this installation, you are now protected against viruses and cybercriminals.


Some frequently asked questions by the users of Norton, let’s try answering them

  1. How to redeem Norton setup with product key?

Norton product key is an essential part of the setup process of the antivirus. It is an alphanumeric code of 25 characters which you require at the time of redeeming, downloading or activating your subscription. You can easily redeem this by creating an account by visiting the official website of Norton. From here, you can easily log in to your account and purchase a subscription. After purchasing the subscription, when you are required to enter the product key for the first time, this means you are redeeming the Norton setup.

  1. How to Install Norton on Mac or PC?

Since Norton is available for various operating systems, so you can download it on any device running on macOS or Windows PC. To download Norton on your device, you can visit the official page of Norton setup i.e. From here, you can download the latest version of the desired product offered by Norton antivirus. After downloading the product, a user needs to install it and then activate the subscription by using the product key. You may need to follow some on-screen instructions for using the product for the first time.

  1. What is Norton 360 free trial?

Many antivirus manufacturing brands offer software with their trial versions. They should do this so that they can get to know about the features and functions of the product before they can actually use it. Norton 360 is a utility from Norton aimed to enhance your device’s life and has important extra features like online privacy, LifeLock, Identity theft protection and much more. A Norton user can try this software for 30 days with a money-back guarantee (conditions apply). If you are satisfied with the product then you can continue to use its paid version.

  1. Norton 360 download reinstall

Before you re-install Norton 360 download, you need to make sure that you uninstall any other antivirus or security product from your computer. Now, visit products after successfully logging in to your account. Furthermore, you can click on “Explore Norton 360 plans” to continue the process. On this page and select your favorite plan, by clicking “subscribe now” and then follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall Norton 360. You must provide the apt details whenever prompted by the installer. A user may need to provide the product key once again to use the product.

  1. How to uninstall Norton 360?

If the Norton product i.e. Norton 360 installed on your device and you do not wish to use it anymore because of various reasons. You may wish to uninstall it because you want to update the new version of the software which is not happening or the product is hampering in your work. To uninstall Norton 360, click on start button -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a Program. You will now see a list of a program installed on your computer. Further, you have to right-click on “Norton 360” and select “Uninstall”.

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