What are the Pros and Cons of Norton Pop-Up Notifications?

Norton Setup is accessible via norton.com/setup through which you can easily protect your device. Just enter Norton setup product key after you download and install Norton Security on your device and enjoy safe and trouble-free browsing. However, when it comes to managing the Norton Security, it might not as simple as it sounds.

Every single feature offered by Norton Security as similar to most Anti-virus programs has its own pros and cons. But, none are as annoying and frustrating as Norton Pop-Up Notifications.

Why are Norton Pop-Up Notifications so annoying?

One of the recurring issues that you may face while using Norton Setup Anti-virus is unwanted pop-up notifications even when you download a safe uninfected file. Out of many useful Anti-virus tools that shaped the backbone of Norton Internet Security Products, this one is rather intrusive. It keeps demonstrating special offers, updates, highlights and all kinds of nonsense, which is quite disturbing when you’re engaged in something more important.

Norton Setup Anti-virus notification pop-ups inform you when performing a full system scans, live updates in the background, performance alerts, virus alerts, intrusion prevention alerts, etc. They are some of the rarely useful yet extremely annoying pop-up notifications you have to deal with while using Norton Anti-virus. Even at times, when they are truly instrumental you may find these Norton Pop-Up Notifications a frustrating distraction due to its nature of sticking to your screen for a long period. You have to wait for several seconds for them to disappear.

You can block unwanted Pop-ups while settings up the configurations of Norton Setup while installing an updated version.

While reinstalling or updating your Norton Setup products, just enter Norton setup product key to activate it and in the same time, block these notifications before they start bouncing on your screen.

Block all annoying pop-ups of Norton Setup Security products with simple steps

Thanks to Norton Security’s in-build feature that empowers you to disable these infuriating Pop-Up Notifications anytime by following a set of guidelines. Go through the entire process to block these notifications and the information is accessible via norton.com/setup.

  1. Search for your “Norton Security” and Click to open it.
  2. In the Norton Setup main product window, click the ‘Settings’ tab and then, click the ‘General’ tab
  3. Click the “Norton Tasks” side tab and then, click on the green-colored bar next to “Norton Task Notification” to turn it off
  4. Now, go to the “Other Settings” tab and then, click on the green-colored bar next to “Special Offer Notification” to turn it off
  5. Click on “Performance Monitoring” side tab and then, click on the green-colored bar next to “Performance Alerting” to turn it off
  6. Go to the “Network” option and then, click on the “Intrusion Prevention” side tab. Click on “Notifications” to turn it off
  7. Click on “Apply” to stop Norton Security Pop-ups
  8. Click on “Close” to leave the Norton Security

Go through Norton customer Support Center for technical assistance while following the steps to ensure a smooth implementation of the procedure.

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