Difference between Norton Security Deluxe And Norton Security Premium

Norton, a name that automatically strikes the user’s mind once they require any security solution for protecting their device through online threats while surfing the internet. Norton has designed several Norton Setup including the Norton Security, Norton Antivirus, and many more. All the entire Norton Setups are easily available onto the official website of Norton i.e. norton.com/setup. The users may protect multiple devices using the single subscription of Norton package that has been purchased by them.

The Norton Setup product that is most preferred by the users is Norton Security and this is available in three packages i.e. Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Premium, and Norton Security Super. Now, the question that mostly hinders the users’ minds is that ‘what is the difference between the Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium package’. Thus, the answer to this question has been detailed in the information given below. So, go through this comparison to get an idea regarding which one is better.

Difference between Norton Security Premium & Norton Security Deluxe:

The differentiation detailed below will help the Norton Security users to get aware regarding while one is better i.e. Norton Security Deluxe or Norton Security Premium:

  1. The cost of both the Norton Setup is quite the same i.e. Norton Security Deluxe costs about $89.99 while Norton Security Premium costs about $109.99.
  2. Using the Deluxe package of the Norton Security, the users could shield their 5 devices as a maximum while using the premium package they are able to secure 10 devices maximum.
  3. Both the Norton products have compatibility with the entire Operating System including Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.
  4. The company has offered a 25 GB online store feature to manage the confidential data from being accessed by some undesirable users within the Norton Security Premium. While this feature is absent in the Norton Security package.
  5. Apart from online storage, the Norton products of Premium package has backup and restore feature too. While this is also absent in the Norton Security.
  6. The Norton Security Premium enables its users to add some more space to their PC Storage if they required it. But, the addition of more space is not possible in Norton Security Deluxe.
  7. Both the Norton Setup have the rest of the features as same including device security, Cloud Backup, secure VPN, Password Manager, and Parental control.


We have tried our level best to list out the difference between both Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium. So, depending upon the number of devices. The users want to protect, they are able to choose out of these two Norton Setup. The main change between both the Norton package is of additional online storage and backup & restoring features, while rests of the features are the same. Thus, to get additional details about both the products, visit the official website of Norton i.e. www.norton.com/setup.

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