Troubleshoot Norton Live Update Error LU 1814

Live Update is a utility developed by Norton that downloads and installs security updates along with software patches. This includes the application of spyware, firewall, or antivirus signature files on to your computer so that you can stay up-to-date with all the threat removal features. A valid Norton setup subscription is required to use this utility.

You can run the Live Update utility in “Interactive Mode” or“Express Mode”. In the former one, users decide which updates to download and apply. In the latter mode, the download and application of updates will take place automatically. The best feature of the Live Update utility is that it runs silently in the background. Norton 360 of gives its user a great security service from the virus, malware, and Trojans, but it sometimes causes problems while running the Live Update due to some reasons. The most common error which a user can come across is error LU 1814.

Causes of Live update error LU 1814

The main reason behind the occurrence of this error can be the poor connection between the client and the specific host. The other probable reasons behind the error LU 1814 are listed below:

  1. When the file entries available in the PC don’t want the live update from connecting to the computer.
  2. There might be some S32LUHL1.dll file available in your system.
  3. The antivirus software available in your computer might have some corrupt and damaged files available.
  4. The live update server is not responding correctly.
  5. The local permissions might be causing the hindrance.
  6. There is an internet connection error.

The LU 1814 error can be very frustrating because now you know that your computer isn’t safe any longer. But you can troubleshoot this error by following some troubleshooting methods.

What can be done to fix the Live Update error LU 1814?

  1. At first, check for the availability of damaged and corrupt files in your computer system. If you find any of them available, try to remove them as soon as possible before they cause hindrance in your work.
  2. Try to establish a sound connection between your computer and the wireless network.
  3. Try to remove S32LUHL1.dll file from the system because it creates unnecessary updates and becomes the cause of the trouble.
  4. Navigate to the “Control Panel” of your computer and set permissions for Norton to perform certain functions on your device necessary to run the Live Update utility.

If you are unable to fix the error on your own, you should go for technical assistance options. These are available in the form of live chat, call, or email over which you can get help to resolve your queries with expert guidance.

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