How to get Norton antivirus for free?

As the electronic media is growing at a fast rate, the more is the chance of getting affected by various viruses including malware software and worms. That may get entry into the device from some undesirable sources like USB. So, in order to protect the device from the injective attacks by the viruses, we require some software known as antivirus. Although a number of effective antivirus software has attained a superb place in the market of software. Out of all the antivirus software, one of the best software is Norton antivirus.

Instruction To Getting Norton Setup Free

In the article given below, the stepwise process to get the Norton antivirus free. All detailed will guide your path to download and install the Norton antivirus free to the device.

Norton Antivirus free is available for different devices in various products like Norton 360 Standard, Norton Antivirus Plus, and many more; you may get any of these Norton anti-viruses free for the trial of 90 days. Once the time period of 90 days gets completed the Norton Antivirus for free then, the user needs to get the paid version or the Norton Antivirus free download full version. Even a Norton Antivirus for free trial getting over will be pop-up before the completion of 90 days, as a reminder of getting the Norton Antivirus for download full version.

Step To Download Free Norton

For getting the Norton Antivirus for download to the device go for the stepwise description given below. The steps are as follows:

  1. Firstly, open the official website of Norton Antivirus free i.e., using any of the internet explorers on the device that has been affected by the injection of the virus.
  2. You may also go for a manual search for ‘Norton Antivirus Free’; this will automatically make your visit to the official website of Norton Antivirus.
  3. Once the home page gets displayed on the screen, check the compatibility of the Norton Antivirus free as per your device of the type of product. Then, click the ‘Download’ button displayed in front of the product.
  4. Thus, the Norton free antivirus will get downloaded to the device.
  5. Now, execute this Norton Antivirus free setup and install it to the device. By following the steps displayed on the screen.

After this step completes Another process

  1. You may also require a unique key for its activation known as Norton Activation Key. The activation key will be emailed to your device shortly. Once you purchase the paid version of this Norton Antivirus free to your device.
  2. Simply, enter the Norton Activation Key to the respective field that will display once you run the Norton Antivirus on the device.
  3. After this, run the Norton Antivirus scanning process on the device and thus, thorough scanning process complete viruses will be detected by this. Thus, making the device free from all sorts of harmful viruses that might impact your data in many ways.
  4. By doing this, you will automatically lay effective protection that will protect your device against all viruses. Including the malware software.

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