How to use Norton Clean Sweep to its fullest?

Smart computing can only be achieved if you regularly keep a check on your computing device and try every possible thing to maintain it properly. In case you fail to do so, it may result in cluttered folders, scattered and lost files, and the registry of your system also gets filled with unnecessary data. Without proper maintenance, you might end up reducing its performance level. Clean Sweep is a set of tools developed by Symantec so that you can regularly maintain your computing device easily and quickly. It helps you reclaim your storage space by sweeping junk, removing residue files, as well as optimizing memory. It has a simple control panel which does all the cleaning work efficiently and gives you control over what gets cleaned from your device and when.

Basic functions of Norton Clean Sweep

Many people who use Windows, doesn’t know the fact that their device might not perform at its peak if they do not sweep away the residue files. With Norton Clean Sweep you can achieve the following:

  • Clean and clear cache
  • Identify and remove APK, junk, and residual files
  • Optimize memory space
  • Manage apps and
  • get rid of bloatware

By using Norton Clean Sweep you can make your machine work more smoothly and reach a much better level of performance.

Don’t have enough storage? Use Norton Clean Sweep

Below are given some of the significant features of Norton Clean Sweep:

Uninstall Wizard– It safely removes programs for the safest and most complete removal.

Fast & Safe Cleanup– this program of Clean Sweep searches your system thoroughly to find and delete specific file types that are safe to remove.

Internet Cache and Cookie Cleanup– This Clean Sweep feature quickly frees up valuable disk space by removing files from your internet cache and Internet cookies.

Registry Sweep- Many uninstallers do not remove their registry which results in radically reduces performance. The registry sweeper of Norton Clean Sweep cleans and optimizes your registry efficiently.

Duplicate File Finder-In case you or the apps on your phone have created duplicate copies of the files unknowingly then, Norton Clean Sweep finds these and lets you choose what to do with them.

SafeCleanup- This feature allows you to set certain file types that will be placed into a special ‘holding’ area before being deleted so that you can review the files once more before actually deleting them. This is a very good option if you are in an office because you get an opportunity to protect valuable files from unintentional deleting.

In the end, we can say that Norton Clean sweep is a nice addition to the utility suite of applications. If you are a heavy computer user or run a business, Norton Clean Sweep is worth the investment.

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