How to check the email address being linked to the Norton Account?

Norton Account is an online account associated with the purchase of Norton Setup through online methods. The users need to create this account only while making the first purchase of the setup. These Norton subscriptions do have the tendency to shield the users’ devices from being attacked via online threats. This is because online threats might cause harm to the users’ device in several ways.

Norton Account also helps the users to save or store the details of the entire purchased subscription of Norton Setup to a single place, so that their lost Norton Product key may easily be retrieved. Apart from storing the product detail, this account also stores some personal details like email address, address, gender, credit, or debit card details. Thus, the users need to keep their account details confident as these details might be used by hackers in the wrong manner.

Sometimes, the users might forget which email address has been linked with their Norton Account or using which email address they had created the account. Thus, the steps to detect the email address linked with the users’ Norton account has been mentioned in the article given below.

Steps to check the email address linked to the Norton Account:

By following the steps detailed below, the users could easily check the email address is linked with their Norton account. The steps are as follows:

  1. First of all, execute the Norton Setup being installed on the users’ device.
  2. Here, click the main menu icon i.e. three vertical lines displayed at the left most corner.
  3. Thus, the menu will be displayed over the screen. From this menu, click the ‘Personal Information’ option.
  4. Thus, the panel will be displayed having the entire submitted details of the users will be projected over the screen.
  5. Thus, the users could easily get the email address being linked with the users’ email addresses.
  6. Apart from this, the users could easily check out the inbox of the email address, as the confirmation email has also been received once the user purchase of their subscription.


Hope, this article is quite fruitful in resolving the concern of the Norton Setup users in finding or checking out the email address being linked with their Norton Account. We have tried our level best to help the users in a simple and easy manner. But, if any of the steps are creating any doubt then, the users are highly advised to visit the official website of Norton i.e. to get some better solutions.

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