How does Password Generator work?

Passwords are the most confidential data that enables the users to keep, store, and access their personal information to be safe and secure within a place or folder. The users keep passwords for their online accounts, files, folders, and many more to keep their data safe from accessed by some undesirable users. Norton Setup of Password Manager also helps to preserve the sensitive data of its users. Apart from these, the Norton Password Generator also helps the users to fill the website forms or login credentials, automatically. To get this Norton Password Manager onto the device, the users need to make access to the official website of Norton i.e.

Eventually, the user faces some issues while setting up their passwords or remembering it. Thus, to make ease for its users, Norton has designed its Norton Password Manager as it keeps a check over the user’s passwords within its vault. Password Generator is a free service included within the of Password Manager. This enables its users to create a uniquely generated password for the websites while they try to get registered to it.

Now the main concern arises that how actually the Norton Password Generator works or how it helps its users to get a stronger password. Thus, the steps to create a strong password using the Password Generator has been mentioned in the article given below.

Steps to create Strong password using the Norton Password Generator through the web browser:

Follow the steps mentioned below, to generate a stronger password using the free service of Password Manage easily. The steps are as follows:

  1. First and foremost, execute the web browser onto the device.
  2. Here, click the Norton Password Manager icon displayed at the rightmost corner of the browser.
  3. Now, a pop-up will appear over the screen.
  4. And from this pop-up, click the ‘Open Vault’ option.
  5. Thus, the users need to unlock their vault by entering the vault password within the requisite field, followed by clicking the ‘Open Vault’ button.
  6. Now, onto the ‘’ home page of Password Manager, select the menu option i.e. three dots stacked horizontally.
  7. And then, click the ‘Password Generator’ option.
  8. Thus, 20 characters or digits passwords will be shown at the uppermost part i.e. Password Generator Window.
  9. Now, copy this to the desired location or regenerate the password. At last, close the Norton Setup.


Hope, this article is successful in fixing the users’ concern regarding ‘how the Password Generator; works or how to create a strong password using the Password Generator. The steps projected here are quite easy and simple to follow. But the users are advised to access the official website of Norton Setup i.e. if any of the issues is prevailing in the users’ mind.

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