How can you protect your smart speakers from getting hacked?

It is important to know the answer to this question as your personal information and personal identity is at stake. In short, the answer is ‘yes’, there are some conditions in which your smart speakers can be hacked, but for this, you can follow some steps that can be used to protect your smart speakers and your identity.

It is recommended that you should install Norton setup via on your smart devices.

How the Hacking of smart devices works?

It does vary from situation to situation, for instance, it is believed that a cybercriminal might be able to send a sound or signal, which your smart speaker interpret as a command in order to control other devices.

For many other customers, there are big concerns about the speakers, for which they want to get help. There are certain solutions for the variety of problems faced by customers regarding Smart speakers. You can find out the solutions for each of the problem on Norton official website

 How can you limit the potential risks on your smart speakers?

There are certain voice assistants available in the market like Amazon Echo and Google Home that are great at taking orders. You can tell them to play music, read for you, and check the weather and so on.

It also compiles up your important information and stores that information on the server. That is why it has become important to secure your smart speaker so that hackers become unable to reach and breach your data.

Tactics to protect your smart speaker from hackers

There are some tips and tricks by which you can limit the risks and avoid hacking of your smart devices:-

  1. You should watch out for what you are connected with. You need to be selective about what you connect. Try to avoid connections such as surveillance camera.
  2. Make sure you delete the commands as smart speakers allow you to listen to your past commands, which can be easily hacked.
  3. There is a need to be careful about what you share with the smart speaker. Avoid sharing secretive information.
  4. Mute your device when you are not using it.
  5. Smart speakers enable you to speak and purchase things on command, which anyone can access; you can set up a purchase password and keep it a secret.
  6. Update your smart speaker app on your emails; you can get information about who is accessing your Smart speaker.
  7. Keep your personal information intact and delete the personal results from the smart speaker.
  8. You need to manage your network, it should be encrypted.
  9. You need to enable the ‘Voice recognition’ settings.
  10. Make a strong and complex password for your smart speaker.
  11. Install Norton antivirus from
To conclude:-

Smart speakers do carry a certain amount of risk of getting hacked, and cybercriminals probably won’t stop trying to find security flaws to hack your device. But be careful about the type of information you share with your smart speaker or voice assistant, which is one of the ways to keep yourself safe from hackers. Another way to stay protected you can choose to purchase Norton LifeLock application from so that you stay protected for long.

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