Guide to clear cache chrome on your device

If you are surfing the internet to access your desired website, computer cookies can be considered as an important part. Because they keep a track of your shopping carts. And save your valuable personal information so that websites can know what your preferences are. And with the help of cache and cookies, it is easy to do online transactions, as you do not have to enter your credentials every time you visit the website.  However, cookies and cache both can be a risk to your privacy due to the valuable information they hold.

Cookies can help you to complete the forms with auto-fill information such as login credentials whereas cache keeps a record of visited websites and help you to visit them again without entering the names. If you want to protect your private information then it is important you clear cache chrome from your operating device, so that no information can be breached by the online scammers. This article will help you to learn the steps to clear the cache from the records if you have any other specific query then visit

Why it is important to clear the cache?

It is not a much-needed thing to clear the Chrome cache. If all the things are working straight then you do not need to manage the cache Chrome do it so. Clearing the chrome’s cache is important to diagnose when things don’t work properly. There can be a case wherein your personal identity is breached online. So, to avoid such situations, you need to clear the cache.

The one and only side effect of clearing cache is a temporary performance hit on the operating system. The webpage might take a longer time than expected after the cache has been cleared. To know more you can visit

What are the steps to clear cache chrome?

For clearing cache from chrome, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Firstly, press “CTRL+SHIFT+Del” keys that will be the shortcut to the “Clear browsing data dialog” page.
  2. You can also click on the vertical ellipsis that is present on the Chrome bar and then click on the “Settings” option.
  3. Now you need to scroll down the page and then click on the “Advanced” option that will show you a list.
  4. Just scroll down and find the “Clear Browsing Data” option, just double-click on it.
  5. You need to make sure that the “Cached images and files” are checked.
  6. You now have to click on the “Clear Data” option.
  7. Congratulations!! The clear cache chrome process is completed.

Note:- If you have any queries related to the steps discussed then it is recommended to visit


By concluding, we can say that clearing cache is not a tricky task to perform; the steps mentioned above in the article will help you to clear cache chrome. However, if you are still struggling with the steps then it is recommended to visit Norton’s official website that goes by the URL

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